Hey i'm back. (if you still remember me) is it true that leeteuk already had a girlfriend? :'c


i remember you!


i think you follow my personal blog too.lol.

i think leeteuk almost got married, but he found out the girl was cheating on him.

he does not deserve that :(

i just followed you.lol.

Rankings of heaviest drinker :)

1st heaviest drinker : Kang In
2nd heaviest drinker : KiBum
3rd heaviest drinker : Kyu Hyun
4th heaviest drinker : RyeoWook

eunhyuk’s favorite part of super show 3 was singing ‘all my heart’ with the other members.

leeteuk, donghae, sungmin, shindong, and yesung’s favorite part of super show 3 was the opening part.

kyuhyun’s favorite part during super show 3 was his solo.

heechul and eunhyuk believe that the first time they performed as super junior was unforgettable.

siwon, yesung, and shindong feel that all of the support and the moments that they’ve spent with fans are the most unforgettable things in their five years as super junior.

ryeowook wants to perform under the name super junior forever.

sungmin will never forget super junior’s first concert, because it was his first concert ever.

eunhyuk wants super junior to be together even after 50 years. he hopes that they can celebrate their 500th anniversary together.

after ‘president,’ sungmin would like to do many other dramas and musicals in the future.

kibum thinks that leetuek is the most trustful member and the best leader.

kibum has trouble expressing his feelings.

siwon is jealous of shindong’s wittiness and ability to brighten up a mood.

siwon is jealous of leeteuk’s speaking ability.